Just Saying
Ewen Macintosh (The Office, The Lobster) and Carrie Cohen (Gnaw, Hellbreeder) star in this dramedy about love, loss and 47 plugs.
Grace has lost her husband, Billy has lost his Dad… and his wife. Through guilt-tripping and embarrassing mouth organ music Grace hopes that she can drive Billy to repair his relationship with his wife in a way she’ll never be able to with her husband.

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Directed by Nick Reed

“My favourite of the festival, this is a perfectly formed examination of relationships, shared pain, all wrapped up in a typically British discussion of sandwiches at a wake. Notably, people will initially recognise one of the stars, Ewen MacIntosh, from ‘The Office’, but it is the combination and rapport between him and the great Carrie Cohen that makes this a perfect piece.”
Reviewed by Steve Harcourt

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